General terms of sale

Article 1 – Scope
The present general terms of sale aim to manage the relationship between the Anamorphosis Company and its clients, adult natural persons. The following terms are valid for the online sale of articles and products commercialized by Anamorphosis and executed through the company’s Internet website By purchasing on the Anamorphosis company’s website, the customers are entirely and irrevocably accepting these general terms of sale. The terms are likely to be modified and updated without prior notice. The applicable conditions to the order of a customer are those in effect at the day of the purchase.

Assuming that one of the clauses in the present general terms of sale would be null and void by a change in legislation, regulation or by a court ruling, that will not, by any means, affect the validity and following of these general terms of sale nor will it question the validity of the other dispositions, which will still apply. Prior to the order placement and to the conclusion of the contract, the buyer acknowledges having been notified of the general terms and conditions and of all the information listed in the article L 221-5 of the French Consumer Code.


Article 2 – Presentation of the Anamorphosis Company
The Anamorphosis Company is a S.A.S.U. with a capital of 10.000€. It is registered at the RCS of Créteil, under the nº 801 361 049
 and its registered office is located at 27 bis rue Delalain 94700 Maisons-Alfort.    


Article 3 – Information related to the items

The Anamorphosis Company will not be held responsible for the non-substantial mistakes that might affect the characteristics shown at The photographs and other reproductions of the articles shown at are provided for information purposes only and have no contract value.


Article 4 – Ordering Conditions
Order taking at subject to the following of the consecutive registering steps.
To place an order on the website the client needs to have legal capacity, and to own a Visa – Eurocard – MasterCard credit card. The Anamorphosis Company will not be held responsible for eventual damage inherent in the use of the Internet network (signal breakdown, connection failure, external intrusion, presence of computer viruses) or in case of absolute necessity.


Article 5 – Availability of items
Orders will be taken within the limit of available stocks, which the customer will be informed of, either at the moment of his order, by a notice displayed on the website itself. If an article becomes unavailable after the order has been placed, the Anamorphosis Company will inform the Customer by email as quickly as possible and will refund him the price invoiced by bank transfer.

Products offered for sale and displayed on the Website are subject to availability. Anamorphosis shall not be liable in case of stock outage or unavailability of products.

Anamorphosis reserves the right to change the products offered for sale on the Website at any time and without notice. 


Article 6 – Order taking by the Anamorphosis Company
The Anamorphosis Company maintains the right to refuse all orders made by a customer with whom there would be a dispute related to the payment of a previous order. In case the order does not comply with the present general terms of sale, the customer will be informed by the Anamorphosis Company within six (6) days by telephone or by email. In the absence of a procedure from the customers to obtain the compliance of their order, the Anamorphosis Company holds the right to cancel the order without further notice.

Anamorphosis can update Terms and Conditions at any time. The Terms and Conditions of Sale in effect at the time of your order will govern that transaction.


Article 7 – Agreement on proof
Emails will prevail between parties, as well as the automatic backups used by Anamorphosis Company, in particular regarding the date and nature of the purchase.


Article 8 – Prices
- Concerning purchases inside Europe, prices shown on are indicated in Euros, they are tax inclusive and include shipping. The invoiced prices are always the applicable prices at the date of the order.

- Concerning purchases outside Europe : please send your request via our page Contact Us

All purchases are to be paid in Euros.

- For all exceptional orders (quantity and/or price), customers are welcome to contact us by email:, or by telephone: +33 (06) 10493077.
For any exceptional order, please 
please send your request by email.


Article 9 - Property

 Purchased goods from remain the property of Anamorphosis until their complete payment.
En revanche, vous assumez les risques (notamment de perte, de vol ou de détérioration) concernant les Produits livrés à compter du moment où ils sont livrés à l’adresse indiquée lors de la commande.

Pour des raisons, notamment de sécurité, la société Anamorphosis ne traitera aucune commande pour laquelle une poste restante, une boîte postale est fournie.

Les Produits sont expédiés à l'adresse de livraison que vous avez indiquée au cours du processus de commande. 


Article 10. Payment conditions

The settlement of the purchases will be done by all “CB” (Carte Bleue) credit cards, as well as Visa, Eurocard, MasterCard and other credit cards accepted by Stripe depending on the country of purchase. The cards issued by banks domiciled elsewhere than in France must necessarily be international credit cards. Moreover, the customers engage themselves to proceed to payment via a credit card of which they are the actual holders and which mentions their identity (surname and name). By transmitting their credit card number and/or their bank account ID, the customers agree in advance and without conditions to the secured transaction executed by the Anamorphosis Company.
Therefore, all customers give beforehand their approval to the debit their bank will make on their account in view of the records or statements transmitted by the Anamorphosis Company, even in the absence of a hand signed invoice from the credit card’s holder. The debit authorization on the customer’s account is always given by the total amount of the item(s) purchased, as invoiced by the Anamorphosis Company. The debit of the customer’s credit card will occur within six (6) days after verification of the order’s compliance with the present general terms of sale and availability of the item(s). If the debit of the sum owed by the customer cannot be carried out (by refusal from the card issuer or by remote cancelation from the bank and/or customer), the order will not be registered by the Anamorphosis Company.


Article 10 – Transaction security

The Anamorphosis Company does not keep any credit card number.
The Anamorphosis Company uses the Stripe payment platform. Stripe is a secured online payment platform that encrypts all payment data and information. The Anamorphosis Company has chosen Stripe and its secured payment interface. At the moment of payment, the customer will automatically be taken to the Stripe payment platform.
The customers will then transmit their account ID in safety, since the data is encrypted by the PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard).


Article 11 – Delivery
The delivery of the items will only be made after the receipt of the order’s payment, to the address given by the customer, within the time limit mentioned at the time of the order. The orders are shipped via DHL, FEDEX, LA POSTE with COLISSIMO or CHRONOPOST to the address given by the client. For information only, the delivery wait time is: Metropolitan France (2-6 working days) – EEC except for Switzerland (4-10 working days). The delivery deadlines are given for information only and depend on third-party providers. The Anamorphosis company may not be held responsible in case of any delivery delay. Deliveries are registered and need to be signed by the customers. All unsuccessful deliveries (missing or wrong address, building, code, stairs, name, etc.) will lead to an extra wait for order processing and for item re-forwarding. As soon as the order gets back to the company, the Anamorphosis Company will get in touch with the customers to inform them that the order’s return fee will be at their charge. The delivery fees are automatically calculated depending on the delivery address, the weight and the total volume of the ordered items, in order to guarantee the customer with the fairest fee.

Tout défaut ou retard de livraison supérieur aux délais de livraison doit être signalé auprès de la société Anamorphosis dans les meilleurs délais. Toute réclamation formulée au-delà de trente (30) jours calendaires après la date de validation de votre commande ne pourra pas être prise en compte.


Article 13 – Personal Data
It must be reminded that the Anamorphosis Company collects personal data at every order.

This data is necessary to the processing of the order and will be partly or entirely forwarded to the company’s contractual partners in charge of the execution of the order.

Vos identifiants et mots de passe sont strictement personnels, en conséquence vous vous engagez, à conserver ces derniers en toute sécurité et à ne jamais les communiquer à des tiers. En cas de perte, vol ou de toute utilisation frauduleuse de votre compte client, vous vous engagez à informer la société Anamorphosis immédiatement.


Sauf preuve contraire apportée par le client, les données enregistrées par le Site constituent la preuve de la nature, du contenu et de la date de l'ensemble des transactions passées entre la société Anamorphosis et ses clients. En cas de conflit entre Anamorphosis et l'un de ses clients sur une transaction effectuée sur le Site, les données enregistrées par Anamorphosis sont considérées comme preuve valable du contenu de la transaction, sauf preuve contraire apportée par le client.



Customers are informed that the same personal data is also collected by the organization in charge of the management of orders and payments, as well as the fight against credit card fraud. The user is informed that this automatic data processing has been declared to the CNIL on the 22/09/10 under the nº1453752. In accordance with the “Computer and Liberties Law” from January 6th 1978, all customers have the right to access, modify, rectify, object and suppress all personal data that concerns them. The client can exert this right by sending a letter to the following address: Olivia Clergue, SARL Olivia C. 25, rue Jussieu 75005 Paris.


Article 14 – Right of retraction and items return
In accordance with the provision of the article L.122-1 of the French Consumer Code, the customer can count on a right of retraction, which he can exercise, without any explanations, within fourteen (14) clear days upon receipt of the order. Within this framework, customers are entitled to send back all items delivered in that lapse of time. The items must return in their original packaging, unused and complete (accessories, notice, warranty…) with a joint copy of the invoice, sent to Anamorphosis 27 bis rue Delalain 94700 Maisons-Alfort. The buyer will in any case assume the return fees.
The refund of the invoiced price for the returned items will be done by check or by bank transfer, thirty days at the latest after the reception of the items by the company. All articles judged to have lost commercial value will not be refunded.


Article 15 – Intellectual Property Rights 

All content and materials on the Website (drawings, designs, illustrations, photographs, sound tracks, written text, logos, trademarks, and all other intellectual property of any nature whatsoever) are the sole and exclusive property of Anamorphosis. You may not reproduce, by any means or process, in full or in part, distribute, publish, transmit, create derivative works based on, modify or sell any such content or materials contained on the Website.


You may not remove any copyright, trademark or other proprietary notice contained on the Website or any content contained therein.


Article 16 – Force Majeure
The execution of some or a part of the Anamorphosis Company’s obligations will be suspended at the incidence of a fortuitous or ‘force majeure’ case that would disturb or delay them.
The Anamorphosis Company will inform the customer of such fortuitous or ‘force majeure’ case within seven days of its incidence. In case the suspension carries on after a lapse of fifteen days, the customer will then have the option to cancel the ongoing order.


Article 17 – Disputes – Applicable Law
The present general terms of sale are subject to the French Law. In the event of a dispute, only the French version of the general terms of sale will represent evidence between the parties. All disputes resulting from an interpretation or execution of the present general terms of sale will be submitted to the exclusive competence of the French Tribunals.