A swirl of colours in motion, recouloured and printed on a light twill silk bandana. A pattern with multiple possibilities and combinations thanks to its variety of tones and its different corners and edges. To be worn around neck, hair, wrist, attached to the bag...


A square Swarovski crystal ring is offered with each scarf: an alternative to the eternal knot. Its square shape stabilizes the ring and prevents it from slipping. The Swarovski crystal gives the scarf its sparkle and makes it possible to wear in a chic version.





65,00 €

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Reference: Tourbillon 50

Dimensions: 50cm x 50cm

Fabric: Light twill 100% Silk

Flat stitch, black thread

Manufactured in Italy

Care: To preserve your Silk bandana, store it flat and untied. Avoid rain. Prefer dry cleaning.

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