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Our concept

Elisa & Jim is a timeless vision,

sparkling and colorful feminine fashion accessory.

A mix of French chic and British daring,

like our designer-photographer.  

  Each of our patterns comes from our very own photographs,

so they are all unique and exclusive.

They are printed on beautiful Italian silks,

selected with care and high standards.

We offer silk squares of all sizes,

redesigned into headbands,

wrist cuffs, wrist wraps.

Silk then becomes almost like a jewelry material.

Each corner angle and each side of our scarves is different, 

        this allows, depending on the folds,

to show certain patterns and colors rather than others,

  depending on your mood and desire of the moment. 

    In other words, a scarf: multiple possibilities!


Our values

They are clear and simple:

We take the bias of slow fashion, reconciling fashion, quality

and durability for those who wish

to consume more thoughtfully and responsibly.

We apply it in our designing and make choices.

On the production side, our printer is involved 

in a sustainable development policy.

We chose him to be Italian, on the shores of Lake Como,

because we profoundly believe in Europe.

We make all of our models of .

headbands, cuffs and wrist wraps ourselves

in our Parisian workshops, because we favor craftsmanship,

handmade and short circuits.

On the designing side, we choose to

regularly offer new models,

sometimes in unique, limited or reasonable editions

 in order to avoid overproduction

and the environmental problems it ensues.

We only choose high standards and natural materials,

particularly silk.

Our designer-photographer

Half Parisian, half Londoner,

Isabelle Harman Loiseau is the founder

and designer-photographer of Elisa & Jim.

She graduated in textile design from the prestigious

Central Saint Martins School

College of Art and Design in London.

She has designed exclusive fabrics

for Parisian haute couture

and international trend offices.

  As she learned about photography,

the evidence appeared to her 

to fuse her two passions:

photography and textile design.

Thus mixing art, design and craftsmanship,

by making many parts herself,

she created the Parisian brand Elisa & Jim.


Our inspirations

Love is everywhere...., so is our inspiration!

Elisa & Jim is a timeless vision of women,

their desire to be unique and always different.

To create we allow ourselves to be influenced by

the amazing and colorful beauties of nature.

We are inspired by art in all its forms,

as long as it brings with joy and a sense of freedom: 

like paintings, dance, movies, installations, performances... 

We want women to feel free, strong,

rebellious, iconic, 

rock, heroic,

to inspire and guide us.

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